Brief introduction to 3 R Development:

3 R Development is a Faith-Based organization that utilizes the Strength-Based and Empowerment perspectives and a Holistic Approach to empower individuals and families with the necessary tools to regain control of their lives. 3 R Development was designed with the disenfranchised individual in mind.

3 R Development is designed to reach out to individuals to empower, introduce, and re-associate them with a winning attitude to succeed.

3 R Development believes that everyone deserves a chance to change and become the best individual that they believe they can become while contributing to the success of their families and community.


To facilitate a multi-dimensional organization that helps disenfranchised individuals in the Butler County, Ohio area and in the City of Middletown in particular, to be re-connected and immersed into mainstream society through education and holistic therapy.

Mission Statement:

To empower individuals to make positive choices regarding their future by allowing them to take ownership of the plans and goals they set for their lives.


To reach out to individuals that have been disenfranchised within our community and facilitate their desire to change by restoring their passion for life and reclaiming them for productive citizenship.


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