Programs partially supported by the Middletown Community Foundation and donations from the community.

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Programs Offered:

Programs offered are to help promote trust, truth and reunification.

Spiritual Recovery, Insight & Awareness
Family Programming
Financial Literacy
12 Step Programming
Community Development
Cultural & Educational Programming
Career Development Facilitation
Leadership Development
Motivational Speakers

Legacy Youth Development

“Children are the legacy we leave for the time we will not live to see.”

Aristotle, 4th century Greek philosopher.

This Summer Program for youths and young adults focuses on primarily on leadership skills, writing, science, and the arts. There will also be a biweekly school success component. The participants will also participate in mini-modules on healthy eating, the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

The main goal of the program is to sharpen academic, citizenship and leadership skills as well as increasing the student awareness about the importance of and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle all the while providing guidance, mentoring and supervision as well as safe and healthy fun. Additional goals for this program include giving young people in the Middletown area an opportunity to get a better understanding of science and its application in everyday life as well as cultural enrichment.

Many of these students do not have many opportunities to participate in the cultural activities, because of finances and the lack of awareness and opportunities for mentoring relationships where these types of activities are the focus. Many young people with both artistic talents do not have the opportunity to explore what might become a lifelong passion in this area. We have several local musicians and scientists in our area who we have contacted to make presentations to the students. Students will also be given an opportunity to explore an interest that they had previously no considered. Thanks to a grant from the Middletown Community Foundation, Legacy now sponsors programming year round.


Parents for Academically Successful Students isa Parent Resource and Leadership Program of 3 R Development, Inc. PASS serves as a community resource as well as a parent-school resource with the goal of assisting parents, students and members of the community, including other organizations with developing and youth opportunities, for leadership, academic excellence and scholarship opportunities. PASS, will help equip parents to be better participants in the educational process.


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